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I'm Brooklyn, an Ottawa Wedding Photographer. But you already knew that since you clicked on my website. How about I let you in on some things you might not know about me?

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Im a Total Romantic...

I am such a romantic, I always have been. My Husband is my everything, he is the reason I believe so strongly in love. When he met me in November 2017, he came down to my hometown to visit friends. He was visiting from Vancouver, BC some 4,688.2 km away (not that I was keeping track or anything). He says it was love at first sight, but I still needed time. Once he left back home he tried to keep in touch with me, but I gave him classic one word answers, hoping he would take a hint (Spoiler: He didn't). Months later I finally had a change of heart and thought that I would talk to him but just as friends. Well my persistent Husband decided that he would copy a Romantic Movie and take a leave of absence from work, buy a one way ticket and fly 4,688.2 km to my hometown, all on a hope that I would say yes to a date with him. Well, of course I did, and long story short we got married in April 2019. 


I'm a Dog Momma...

I am a proud dog momma to a 4 year old ShihTzu who , if i'm being honest, is a total spazz but I wouldn't want him any other way. His name is Charlie and he hates walks and LOVES naps. I swear sometimes he acts like an old man, but he makes up for it whenever he wants to play. Whenever, I am not shooting weddings you can find me curled up with him on the couch lazing through my day.

I Love to Travel...

I have always had such a strong desire to travel. I didn't travel much as a kid, we mostly just traveled around Ontario. But I will never forget the first time we traveled out of the country! We went to Disney World in Florida when I was ten. As soon as I got on that plane I got bit bad by the travel bug! Since then I have been to British Columbia, Washington, Jamaica, and soon we will go to Peru to visit my Husbands family. We have a big list of places to visit so if you're looking for a wedding photographer who is willing and ready to travel, I think you found your match!


I Love Mixology...

Yes, it is true that my first passion is Wedding Photography but I do love mixing drinks! I quit my job of four years as a Bartender at a local restaurant to pursue a job as a Ottawa Wedding Photographer full time. I never for one second regret my decision to quit and pursue my dream job, however I do miss the art of mixology. There was just something about taking simple ingredients and creating something delicious. It also allowed me to put my own spin on things. Nowadays, I use my drink mixing skills for my family and friends, but if your ever looking for a girl who can make a mean cosmo you know where to look!   

In one simple answer I am a family and husband loving, coffee drinking, drink mixing, dog momma who also Loves to document people on their most important day. I’m not a typical wedding photographer. I absolutely LOVE candid photos! My pet peeve is looking at photos of couples trying to do a pose and looking uncomfortable.

I want my photos to tell your day the way it happened. That little kiss when you thought no one was looking, the glance that you give each other on the dance floor, everything that makes you both who you are. That being said, I will still get you those amazing photos that you want and deserve by strategic cues and prompts but I want you to feel like it’s just you and your love in the moment!


 I’m more than an Ottawa Wedding Photographer, I’m there to help hold your train, I’m there to keep you from crying and ruining your makeup, I’m there to be with you during your most important day! That’s why I love what I do, I get to see and document people on their happiest day, while they are in the rawest form of emotion! If it sounds like we would be a good match send me a message , and we will grab a coffee and chat!

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